I wonder how many of us grew up pushing the boundaries of sex. Going as far as you possibly could with a stranger in your dorm room or your high school boyfriend or girlfriend, without actually “having sex”. I wonder how many people struggle with lust but are too afraid to reach out to their Christian community because they fear people’s judgement. I wonder how many people think their life is filled with too much sexual sin and believe they too far gone for God to use any part of them in His redemption story. Continue reading #SEXANDJESUS

Friends & Lies

We can’t create our own meaning and love whoever however. We can’t rely on the simplicity of love because that’s just not love. The scripture talks about a love that was nailed to the cross. A love that was persecuted and killed. A love that is endless and abounding. A love so sweet and pure that it’s hard for our human hearts to fully understand. Continue reading Friends & Lies

Heartache Pt.2

The formula to joy is not God and (blank) so much as God in (blank). True joy derives not from God and job, family, sex, friends, food, rest, driving, buying a home, reading a book, drinking coffee- but from God in these things… Every taste of beauty in this world, from the roar of waterfalls to the chatter of birds to the richness of true friendship to the ecstasy of sexual experience, is a drop from the ocean of divine beauty. Every pleasure is an arrow pointing back to him. Joy is from, and only finally in, God. Continue reading Heartache Pt.2


Part One Heartache, broken, depressed, rock bottom, suffering, trials, weak, challenged, sorrowful, the valley…words often used to express that one’s life is frankly just hard and often times, more than hard. For now, I will use the term heartache. We have all known and shared in heartache—not one of us is alone in the struggle. … Continue reading Heartache

Pray with Me

I pray that if/when the time comes when every single earthly thing is taken away from me, that I would still praise God and give thanks to Him for giving me the greatest gift. When our own personal Hurricane Harvey’s hit, I want us to run to Jesus and cling to the joy and hope found at the cross.

Friends, as we continue to watch the devastation that is happening in Texas, I ask that you pray with me. Continue reading Pray with Me