Back to School

With a Type A and nerdy personality, going back to school was always a little exciting for me. I loved getting organized with a new planner, buying sticky notes (using them for anything and everything), and all the back to school shopping. At the start of every new semester, I would tell myself that I would really try. Try to wake up every morning and spend time in the Word, spend time praying, and prioritize the Lord.

It’s hard to prioritize when you are a full-time student, friend, daughter, girlfriend/fiancé/wife, worker, intern, etc. There are countless opportunities wanting your attention and wanting your time, but you must decide what will be the most important. As a Christian, the decision was clear. I wanted to prioritize the Lord. But honestly, waking up (with little to no sleep) and trying to spend time with the Lord wasn’t my priority most mornings. I would wake up the latest I could without being late to class, eat a quick breakfast, maybe brush my hair, and head off to class. I would spend all day at school or work and when I got home all I wanted to do was watch Netflix and eat Oreos. After that, I would try and get some homework done. Before I knew it, it was 1 am and I had gone all day without spending anytime with the Lord. For years, I neglected prayer and studying the Word so I could make A’s. School took my first priority, but I never would have admitted that back then. It’s easy to validate studying when you’re a student, but performance in school and making good grades should never be worshiped. Sure, making A’s on your tests and papers will make you feel successful and accomplished in the moment, but it doesn’t last. There’s always another paper and another test. Even if you make A’s on every assignment in every single class, you still won’t be fulfilled. Achievement and success was never meant to satisfy.

If you are in school, know that the Lord has you there for a purpose. He wants you to honor Him and serve Him in any and every phase of life. Studying and trying your best at what He has you doing and where He has you is important, but achievement and success were never meant to fulfill you. Only the Lord satisfies and fulfills.

“At the root of our dissatisfaction is a never-ending thirst that nothing in this world can satisfy…God offers us himself in the person of Christ. Jesus exceeds our expectations, provides for our needs, and fulfills our desires. Christ alone can provide the satisfaction and joy we so desperately seek.”

Phillip Holmes

18581835_10213347774190273_7154284338758425471_nIt’s been 2 ½ months since I graduated college and no, I do not miss the studying, or the classes, or the tests. I do look back and realize that those years of studying, taking tests, and making it through seemingly impossible classes had an enormous impact on me. There were times when I wanted to drop-out and quit, there were nights when writing papers made me cry, there were days when the test anxiety felt overwhelming, but how thankful I am for those college years. 13417405_10206736159305016_2902509453251559142_nCollege, wasn’t easy. You might be thinking, “well duh”, but just in case you weren’t, there’s a reminder. It’s not meant to be easy. It’s meant to grow you and shape you and teach you. And the Lord used the last four years to do exactly that. He used my years in college to bring me into community and show me His grace and love. He also used those years to bring me into His community, make the sweetest friends, and meet my future husband. He is a good Father with great redemptive plans.

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