Pray with Me

It’s been a week since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. I’ve only seen what is being reported on the news, and that friends, is hard to watch. Mothers and fathers being separated from their children, the death toll rising, images of homes residing in dirty floodwater, and helicopters lifting people from their ruined properties, some with children in arms. It brings me to tears.

As the rain poured down, last night and the night before, I couldn’t help but think of those whose homes and lives have been changed because of it. The comfort and place of rest I have made of our little home; I cannot imagine having to leave it. The thought of leaving my home, knowing that when I returned to all my cherished belongings they would be ruined, is terrifying. I have put so much time, effort, and money into making my home. I hate to admit it but I am a lover of comfort and honestly, it’s hard for me to imagine what Hurricane Harvey’s victims are actually experiencing. I imagine that is true for most of you as well.

Most of us will probably never know what losing everything feels like. But, as I consider what the condition of my heart would be if I were one of the families whose lives are being wrecked in Texas, it makes me cling to Jesus. As much as I love the home we’ve built, the memories we’ve made in it, and the memories to come, nothing will ever compare to the joy of knowing God and being His. I pray that if/when the time comes when every single earthly thing is taken away from me, that I would still praise God and give thanks to Him for giving me the greatest gift. When our own personal Hurricane Harvey’s hit, I want us to run to Jesus and cling to the joy and hope found at the cross.

Friends, as we continue to watch the devastation that is happening in Texas, I ask that you pray with me.

Pray for every single person affected by this storm, whether they live in an affected city or know friends and family that live there.

Pray for the lives lost in the storm. Lord I pray that they knew you and loved you.

Pray for the family members and friends of those who lost their lives. Lord give them the peace and comfort that only you can give.

Pray for the loss of property, shelter, loved ones, and comfort by praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding. A peace that only God can bring to someone who has lost and someone who is lost.

Pray for supplies, clothes, hotel rooms, shelter, food and water.

Pray that grieving and broken hearts would come to know Jesus.

Pray that the wrecked would run to Him.

Pray that we would all have hearts that are full of faith in the Lord and His ability to use such a devastating event to change hearts.

Pray that believer’s hope would fully be in our Savior.

Pray that our joy would come from knowing God and forever being cherished by Him.

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