All The Single Ladies

My main prayer for myself and really anyone reading this post, that also struggles with being single, is not that one day soon we will have amazing boyfriends or husbands (I do hope that, don’t get me wrong); it is to become content in our singleness and fall deeper in love with Jesus during it.
Trust me, I know being single is hard. And maybe one day your prince charming will come, or maybe he won’t. God doesn’t promise to match-make on your schedule. He does however promise to pursue you more than any guy ever could, to be with you always, to protect you, and to love you unconditionally. Continue reading All The Single Ladies

Young & Married

If four years ago someone would have told me that I would get married weeks after I finished my third year of college, I would have called them crazy. Not because I didn’t want to get married, but because the idea of getting married so young didn’t seem realistic. I often dreamed of marriage and … Continue reading Young & Married

Let’s Get This Party Started!

When life seems too busy to manage, insecurities seem too deep to overcome, and trust seems impossible; I have clung to those three words; whatever is lovely.
This blog will feature posts from several women who each have unique gifts and thoughts; all to be shared with you! Singleness, addiction, infertility, marriage, eating disorders, jealousy, motherhood, body image, self-worth, exercising, and much more are all topics that we will be discussing.
Continue reading Let’s Get This Party Started!